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The San Giorgio is a “Boys, Girls and Adolescents Friendly Library”

Policies in favour of families, childhood and adolescence

Welcome to the library

The San Giorgio library is a public library and, as such open to all and sundry. Access to the spaces is free for all users. Families, girls, boys and teenagers frequent the San Giorgio to take advantage of the services offered or simply use the library areas to gather and spend quality time there.
The library issues a free membership card to those who request it. Even a new parent can request it for his or her newborn child, to offer him or her from the very beginning the opportunity to be accompanied on his or her growth path through a tool that will be valid for a lifetime.
A UNICEF Baby Pit Stop is set up in the San Giorgio children section, with nursing and changing supplies for the little ones.

Friendly library

The San Giorgio library is committed to pursuing and promoting the rights of children and adolescents, fostering the right to education, non-discrimination, enjoyment of leisure time, freedom of thought, and the mental and physical well-being of the individual from an early age. To this end,the library offers an extensive collection of books and other materials to be read in-house or borrowed, and provides spaces to share and activities to participate in, designed for families, girls, boys and youths.
The San Giorgio library is a territorial presidium of “Born to Read”, tha national project for the promotion of reading aimed at families with pre-school-age boys and girls, and with this in mind, it promotes opportunities to meet with new parents, attentive to creating moments that are supportive of a model of responsive parenting; organizes free events and educational paths for schools , from nurseries to high schools, and, in collaboration with local educational institutions, also organizes events that are a stimulus to the active participation of boys and girls.
The library offers afternoon activities, also free of charge, for girls and boys, from readings to music, art and play workshops, meetings aimed at parents, teacher, and educators on parenting issues, pedagogical and psychological help desks.
It may also happen to find the library away from its premises, in fact, meetings are held periodically at educational areas and other entities in the area to acquaint parents with the library’s services, who sometimes discover for the first time the presence of a welcoming ,easily accessible place where they can go together with their children.
All activities are promoted through the library’s social channels, on its website pages and through a weekly newsletter.

Staff training

Library staff have been trained on the rights of children and adolescents and on the “Boys, Girls and Adolescent Friendly Libraries” program promoted by UNICEF Italy, in order to be able to guarantee the quality of relations between staff and under-age people, who constitute a constant and important presence within the library, which is frequented for study and reading purposes but also to be together in a protected and welcoming environment.
This training is essential in guaranteeing the library a place open to all identities and differences, pursuing its effort of offering equal opportunities to everyone and in particular to those who are more fragile and vulnerable.


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